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Built from experience, the Lean Canvas journey starts with the journey of Catherine Schepis.

Catherine held strategic roles at Saks Fifth Avenue, Anne Klein, and Kate Spade before becoming President at Doncaster, a $100m luxury direct to consumer brand for more than 15 years. While driving strategic direction, Catherine led teams in domestic and overseas offices through problem-solving and common sense techniques to deliver on continuous improvement throughout the functional areas of design, merchandising, sourcing and production.

Stepping away from the day to day , Catherine found her next success in fashion media. She currently co-hosts American Fashion Podcast, a leading industry podcast. This exposure brings breadth to an already deep knowledge base and continues to provide a fresh perspective on growing brands and current industry trends.

The love of solving problems and growing businesses led to the formation of her own firm, Lean Canvas Advisory. With a holistic consulting approach, this new work fully ties together the past journey.